Growing a Foster Care Movement

You care about kids in foster care and want churches in your community to take action, but you’re not sure where to start. This simple interactive guide will walk you through the first four critical steps of foster care movement-building. It provides clear, simple worksheets to help you figure out what it will take to provide more than enough for kids and families in the county where you live.


There is a difference between foster care “activity” and foster care “movement.” There is already foster care “activity” in every state in the country. However, church based foster care “movement” has not reached every community . . . yet.

While foster care activity is important as a way of steadily attempting to meet needs as they arise, foster care movement can have a significant impact on the system in a relatively short period of time. It’s important to also note that “movement” is different than “fad.” Fads come and go quickly. Movement also comes quickly, but it creates change that endures.

The following 4 principles will provide your first four steps in creating foster care movement in the community where you live. Work through these questions as a team over the course of a few weeks and begin to uncover just how big of a difference a movement in your community can make for kids and families!

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