Foster Care Prayer Guide

Jonathan Edwards wrote, “There is no way that Christians, in a private capacity, can do so much to promote the works of God and advance the kingdom of God as by prayer.” The Foster Care Prayer Guide equips you with prayer requests do just that on behalf of kids and families in your community.


If your community is like most, the foster care system where you live is overwhelmed with need:

• There are more children in foster care than there are foster families.
• There are more children awaiting adoption than there are adoptive families.
• There are more families in the system breaking apart than there are resources to help keep them together.

We often approach overwhelming need with a commitment to try harder and do more. But what happens when we realize that our doubled-down efforts are not making half the impact that the kids in the community need us to make? It’s at those times we realize we need something — or rather someone — who is much more powerful than we are to intervene. That is what this guide is all about. It’s about people humbly coming to the God of the Universe and asking Him to guide and strengthen every person involved in the life of a child in foster care.

This guide will walk you through 24 different groups of people all associated with the foster care system that need each of our prayers. We do so believing that God will hear those prayers and provide more than enough for the children and families in our communities.

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