Church Ministry Essentials

Building an Everyone Can Do Something Culture in Your Foster Care and Adoption Ministry
A 10-module e-Course on Strategically Rallying Your Church Around Caring for the Orphaned and Vulnerable


The Church Ministry Essentials virtual experience will introduce you and a cohort of 10-12 others over ten weeks to multiple leaders from around the country representing decades of experience.

Whether launching a new ministry, leading an existing one or working to mobilize churches in your community, their practical insights along with the principles and practices found in the book, Everyone Can Do Something, will help you build a framework to discover, implement and sustain your next best steps no matter where you are on your ministry journey of foster care, adoption, family support and global orphan care.

We are committed to helping you build relationships with other passionate people on the same journey as you. Therefore, we are only accepting up to 12 individuals into each cohort. Those leading a church-based ministry you will be placed in a cohort together and those working from the agency/organization side to engage and equip churches will be placed in a separate cohort. Fill out the application below to reserve your spot!

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