More Than Enough: A Collective Vision

Over the past decade, much has been written about the power of organizations working together with a shared vision, shared strategies and shared resources to make a bigger impact than any of them could ever make on their own (and the writers of the New Testament had some thoughts about this kind of unity a couple thousand years ago as well). In May of 2019, over 2000 attendees at the national CAFO2019 Summit in Louisville, Kentucky were introduced to the More Than Enough vision that is a result of a remarkable collaboration between multiple national and local organizations and churches from across the country.

This growing coalition involving hundreds of organizations, churches, and advocates has a singular goal: To see 10% of churches in every county in the country actively engaged in foster care ministry by 2025.

That is what it will take to provide More Than Enough for children and families before, during, and beyond foster care. 

To see the announcement at CAFO2019 and learn more about what this means for your impact on foster care in your own county, check out this video . . .

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